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The majority of Jane Corbett hats and headpieces have been cleverly designed to fit all head shapes and sizes. We do this to ensure that buying a hat is as simple as possible and to allow you to focus on design and colour.

Universal fit means that one size will fit all, we do this by a combination of design and fitting technique. Most commonly the fitting is a fine elastic band that sits behind your head tucked under your hair to hold the hat secure and disguise the way it is held in place! These soft elastic bands can be dyed to tone to black, brown, blonde, auburn or grey, so that if there is a little peek of it in your hair it blends in!


If a particular hat requires you to choose a S/M/L size then please use the following instructions to measure your head and decide on the size you need.


Use a soft tape measure. Measure your head straight across your forehead and around just above your ears and over the largest part of the back of your head. The full circumference is required in either cms or inches – we old hands in the business tend to still work in inches but we can cope with converting from cms!

S             22  inches
M            22 ½  inches
L             23  inches

For any advice or to discuss other sizes please email or call us