My pieces are often invented botanical specimens born of my interest in plants, botanical collections, seeds, spores and cells.

Glass, wax, wire, and porcelain are all used to create organic forms that suggest unusual natural ‘collected’ objects that represent seeds, pollen, cells, plants and lichen.

I have long been fascinated by cabinets of curiosities and specimen collections and  I choose to house some of my pieces in perspex boxes and plinths or glass domes. The notion of ‘precious’ that is inferred by how an object is displayed intrigues me, whether it be practical protection, or a statement showcase.

Many of my pieces suggest that apparently inert forms are regrowing after they have been encased, I delight in the power of roots to break through and reclaim urban environments and the dormant power of seeds.

Experimentation and exploring the possibilities of combining unlikely materials are an important part of my work,  no doubt my current obsession with glass will lead to combining glass with other materials.

From seeds and spores to cells, I am currently researching images of plant cells and hope to start a special project in 2018 linked to a Botanical Garden.