My pieces are invented botanical specimens born of my interest in cabinets of curiosities, botanical collections and the often overlooked small wonders of the natural world; including seeds and spores.

Wax, wire, porcelain, concrete and textiles are all combined in organic forms that suggest unusual natural ‘collected’ objects that represent seeds, pollen, moss and lichen. 

I have long been fascinated by the notion of ‘precious objects’ and how different methods of display can alter the perceived value and purpose of an object. I choose to house much of my work in perspex boxes or plinths. There is an inherent sense of intrigue to sealed boxes and cabinets, whether formal reliquaries, practical protection, or a ‘statement’ display for a precious object.

Many of my pieces suggest that apparently inert forms are regrowing after they have been encased.  I delight in the power of roots and plants to break through concrete and find cracks and footholds in the urban environment and in the longevity of their dormant life force.

Experimentation and exploring the possibilities of combining unlikely materials are an important part of my working process. I continue to work with concrete and plaster, I am learning about resin, silicon moulds and glass casting and about to set up my new ‘old’ kiln.

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