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A day of botanic inspiration

Those of you that know my work will be aware of my fascination for botanical forms and collections; plants, seeds, and roots have all appeared in my work this year after a memorable twilight encounter with the strange forms in the glasshouses at Edinburgh Botanical Gardens……well I am now freshly inspired after making my first research trip to the National Botanical Garden of Wales yesterday!


What a wonderful place….no apologies for all the images in this post (believe me I have heavily edited and I did run out of camera battery long before I ran out of extraordinary plants and views I wanted to record!)


Such an extraordinary variety of gardens, from the tiny restful Japanese Garden, to the bizarre heaven of the steamy tropical house, through the gloriously blousey double walled garden to the mediterranean warmth in the Great Glasshouse.


Not forgetting the ghost forest, the Apothecaries’ Garden, the Bog Garden, the slate beds and beautiful drifts of jewel flowers down through the wild garden.


Wandering through the Waun Las Nature Reserve was an unexpected delight, the walk through the Pont Felin Gat wooded valley was magical; lichen, moss, dark burbling waters, a Jay in the tree ahead and the waterfall over rocks flashing red.


Walking back to the main site with flocks of sheep and finches for company to sit by lily packed and bullrush fringed lakes purring with dragonflies.






Hard to believe that such a staggering variety of enivironments and plants were all here in the botanical gardens, I have barely captured a taste of it, but it has captured my creative heart!



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