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McQueen, coral and Kew

Another escape day in London….goodness, The Alexander McQueen show ‘Savage Beauty’ at the V&A should be on everyone’s ‘must see’ list, whether or not you think you are a fan of his work this is a truly extraordinary exhibition….for the spirit and the eye,  for the spectacle of a beautiful designed exhibition, for the creative power, the craftsmanship, the collaboration and the immense sense of loss. When I walked into the ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’ room I found myself in quiet but unstopable floods of tears. I lost track of time and when I came out into the daylight and the bustle of the street I felt dazed and shell shocked, one of the most powerful exhibitions I have ever seen. www.vam.ac.uk

My plans to fill the rest of my day with a whistlestop tour of other art shows seemed impossible and I got no further than going next door to the Natural History Museum where I immersed myself in the wonderful Coral Reef exhibition and then the mineral galleries, so many exquisite natural wonders that related to my current work and gave me fresh inspiration. What an extraordinary ‘escape from the studio’ day, one of those precious moments when everything came together to make my head and my heart brim!





Then a trip back to Stroud for a weekend ‘twining’ workshop with the lovely Mary Crabb as part of SITselect festival, learning new skills in great company, a great way to spend a birthday weekend (as well as a fabulous night with Bryan Ferry at Oxford New Theatre!)

www.sitselect.org   www.marycrabb.co.uk



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